UT3 Restoration Design for Road and Stream Resiliency (CO) 2016-2018


OVERVIEW: The “Number 3” tributary to the Cache La Poudre river, immediately above the Monroe Tunnel, was heavily impacted by flooding and debris flows following the 2012 High Park Fire. Impacts over three acres included severe channel degradation, obliterated road crossings, and severe sedimentation deposition into the main channel of the river. Emergency repairs involved clearing the site of debris and alluvium and re-establishing roads and crossings.  The denuded floodplain and geomorphically unstable channel remained, and AloTerra had the pleasure to work with two fine organizations and outstanding land owners on the alignment and re-stabilization management aspects of the project.  This involved road crossing improvements, bank stability, erosion control, all strategies for stabilization of the gulley, and wetland and riparian restoration of the steep gradient riffle pool stream.


ALOTERRA ROLES: Project feasibility & management, watershed-scale health assessment, concept design through construction-ready documentation, bioengineering, team development, construction oversight, revegetation and all permitting.

CLIENT: Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed, private land owners.

PROJECT PARTNERS: Five Smooth Stones River Restoration, Tailwater Limited, L4 Environmental

AloTerra Restoration