Skin Gulch Floodplain Restoration Design and Implementation (CO) 2016


OVERVIEW:  A tributary to the Cache La Poudre River (Colorado), the 6.8-acre Skin Gulch floodplain restoration site was heavily impacted by post-fire flooding and debris flows, resulting in areas of severe channel degradation and floodplain aggradation. The site was subsequently cleared of debris and fill, leaving a denuded floodplain and impaired channel. Working with the Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed, the US Forest Service, and Larimer County, the AloTerra design team developed conceptual-final design for creek realignment, instream structures, erosion control, weed management, bioengineering, and wetland and riparian restoration of 1.1 miles of Skin Gulch. Revegetation efforts included container stock, seeding, wood straw, erosion matting, willow/cottonwood cuttings, soil amendments, fascines, and soil/vegetation covered rip-rap. Structures included step pools, grade control, toe walls, and gulley stability (e.g., zuni bowls and grade control weirs).


AloTerra Restoration