Seaman Reservoir Shoreline and Delta Stabilization (CO)  2016-2017


OVERVIEW: Sediment deposits are a key factor in reservoir management. Seaman Reservoir, a water source for the City of Greeley that sits northwest of Fort Collins, had a history of sediment loading issues made worse by the fires of 2012 and floods in 2013. These events deposited massive amounts of sediment in the already overwhelmed reservoir, mostly through Seaman Gulch, a 3.5 mi square mile tributary on the north fork of the Cache La Poudre River.

After assessing project feasibility, AloTerra created designs for concept, 30%, and 100% of design implementation. We oversaw project management and construction. We bioengineered a lakeshore and delta stabilization and restoration plan utilizing log vanes, rock weirs, cottonwood and willow cuttings, seeding, vegetation and mud-covered koir fabric, among other tools. We provided short-term channel stabilization and riparian and wetland revegetation designs for approximately 1.5 acres as well as strategic wetland development plantings.

AloTerra Restoration