Pelican Farms Wetland Mitigation and Restoration (CO) 2014-2016


OVERVIEW: South Hill Wetland was disturbed during infrastructure development near Windsor, CO in 2008. Following a failed mitigation plan, AloTerra was hired to develop and implement a successful mitigation design for 2.5 acres of plains wetlands and riparian areas. Using our hydroseres approach to groundwater and revegetation design, we developed and implemented eight wetland and riparian hydroseres throughout the project site. We employed a combination of suitable groundwater elevations and predicted storm water drainage, designing a series of cross culverts and drainage culverts to maintain optimal surface elevation to sustain active hydrology across the eight hydroseres. Revegetation included seeding, soil amendments, wood straw, over 10,000 container stock and willow/cottonwood cuttings, and protective fencing.


AloTerra was responsible for Site analysis, project feasibility, technical design, permitting, construction oversight and revegetation.

AloTerra Restoration