Multi-basin Post-Flood Riparian Restoration and Flood-recovery Program (CO) 2015-2016


OVERVIEW: Responding to the 2013 Front Range flood, AloTerra collaborated with Rocky Mountain Flycasters and Golder Associates to develop a multi-basin river restoration program, focused on addressing high priority gaps (i.e., capacity, plant materials development, and bioengineering) left by current watershed level planning efforts. The riparian restoration element of this program involved every stage of planning, design and implementation for riparian and bank stabilization projects on 10 private and public lands (62 acres total) on the Little Thompson River, Cache la Poudre River, Big Thompson River, and Fourmile Canyon drainages.


AloTerra was responsible for Site Assessments, Multi-agency Coordination, Private Land Owner Relations, Scope Development, Construction Cost Estimation, Materials Specifications, Concept-Final Design, and Implementation.

AloTerra Restoration