Morten Wetland and Reach Restoration Project (Estes Park, CO) 2016-2017


OVERVIEW: The Morten reach and historic trout pond on Fall River was devastated by the 2013 Front Range flood in Estes Park, Colorado. Working with a diverse team of river engineers and fisheries biologists, AloTerra created a design focused on immediate and future floodplain relief to reduce the effects of future floods on property, enhancement of wetland and riparian habitat, and aesthetic improvements for the client.


AloTerra was responsible for site assessment, construction cost estimation, USACE 404 permitting, and construction; wetland delineation and grading plans, riparian and wetland restoration design (concept, 30%, and 100%); implementation of all revegetation, bank protection, soil amendments, and bioengineering applications. Project and ecological design team management, private landowner relations.


AloTerra Restoration