Hall Ranch/South St. Vrain Riparian Restoration Project (Lyons, CO) 2017


OVERVIEW: Located on Boulder County Open Space property, this 1.5-mile reach of the South St. Vrain River suffered considerable geomorphic and ecological damage during the 2013 floods. Restoration involved revegetation and bioengineering treatments for 20 acres of riparian and adjacent upland habitats. Revegetation alone required seeding and planting of more than 20,000 plants from containers, cuttings and seed, as well as extensive infrastructure to protect from animals and erosion control.


AloTerra was responsible for installation of all revegetation and bioengineering, including 7,650 wetland containers, 5100 shrub and tree containers, harvesting/installing over 8,000 willow cuttings and 100 cottonwood poles, installation of 100 feet of fascines, joint planted rip-rap, cage installation for critter control, and installation of over 2,000 square yards of erosion matting.

AloTerra Restoration