Elkhorn River Restoration (Estes Park, CO) 2017


OVERVIEW: Elk management around new vegetation areas is key in places like Estes Park, Colorado. On the edge of the town, the Elkhorn reach of Fall River was devastated by the 2013 Front Range flood, destroying roads, culverts, and land. Working with the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition and the Emergency Watershed Protection (NRCS), AloTerra restructured parts of the river shore and floodplain for recovery and future flood resilience.  This involved bioengineering, soil amendments and vegetation, and solid and sustainable “elk proofing” for two acres of floodplain.


AloTerra was responsible for  Bioengineering, soil amendments, seeding and mulching, container stock, willow planting, elk fence design and construction.

AloTerra Restoration