Brewbaker-Sorensson Riparian Restoration (CO) 2017


OVERVIEW: The Brewbaker-Sorensson Open Space of Boulder County suffered severe biological degradation over centuries of agricultural development, hydrologic alteration from upstream diversions, and most recently the 2013 flood. Working closely with Boulder County Parks and Open Space and the North State Environmental design-build team, AloTerra revegetated native plant species for wildlife habitat and worked with important stakeholders along 8 acres of Lefthand Creek. Construction and revegetation is planned in the fall of 2018, for which AloTerra will provide seeding and mulching, installation of container stock, mulching, bioengineering and site protection.


AloTerra was responsible for wetland delineation and OHWM surveys, concept-60% designs for wildlife habitat & vegetation, bioengineering, and USACE/404 permitting, and future project execution.

AloTerra Restoration