Bow Fiddle Ranch River Restoration (Albany County, WY) 2018


OVERVIEW: The Little Laramie River experienced a significant avulsion on the Bow Fiddle Ranch in 2011. The avulsed reach had continually widened and lengthened, threatening the Hwy 130 east of Centennial, WY, destroying ranchland, and contributing approx. 6,000 cy of sediment to downstream reaches. Working with Five Smooth Stones Restoration, the Laramie Rivers Conservation District, and Bow Fiddle Ranch, AloTerra constructed 1200 feet of new channel, created five oxbow ponds, J-hook and toe wood features, and willow brush trenches. AloTerra also installed willow and sod transplants, willow cuttings, cottonwood poles, and upland seeding. This project was also designed and field fitted to support future introductions of the Wyoming toad (Anaxyrus baxteri), considered extinct in the wild.


AloTerra Restoration