Apple Valley River Restoration Project (Lyons, CO) 2016-2017


OVERVIEW: The 2.25 mile reach of the St. Vrain River defining Apple Valley suffered considerable ecological, infrastructure, geomorphic, and other damage from substantial floods in 2013. This project involved restoration of the riparian ecosystem and the floodplain, channel relocation, and extensive bioengineering along the entire 2.25 miles. AloTerra worked with a diverse team of fluvial geomorphologists, engineers, and fisheries biologists. Implementation of the final design was in the fall of 2017.

AloTerra provided 30% through final design and execution; biological and ecological assessments, guidelines and execution for optimal riparian hydroseres/zones, ecological and habitat characterization; riparian and wetland restoration design; wetland delineation and OHWM surveys; LISU and USACE 404 permitting; revegetation and bioengineering; construction cost estimating, ecological design team management, and private landowner relations.


AloTerra Restoration