Demaske Reservoir Shoreline Protection and Riparian Restoration (CO) 2017


OVERVIEW: Hunter’s Overlook Reservoir is proposed for construction in 2018 near Windsor, CO. AloTerra is providing designs for fisheries and other habitat creation, shoreline protection, and riparian & wetland area revegetation for this 40 acre reservoir. AloTerra also designing the forebay bioswale to provide for biological filtering of sediment laden ditch water entering the reservoir. Our design also includes aesthetic considerations (i.e., islands and structural vegetation to hide riprap shorelines), bioengineering principles (i.e., soil covered riprap, fascines, and stabilizing vegetation + appropriate bank grading to reduce wave erosion), and shoreline complexity to improve fisheries and reduce wind-induced bank erosion. Using our hydroseres approach to revegetation design, we are developing eight hydroseres throughout the project site to optimize ecological diversity and shoreline stability. The design also improves lake circulation, optimizes depths and shelf access, winter ice-free zones, strategic locations for shading, and other water quality improvement.

AloTerra Restoration