Wood Street Wetland & Wildlife Restoration Project (Fort Collins, CO) 2018-2020


OVERVIEW:  This 17-acre gravel pit in Fort Collins, CO is a warm water pond, its shoreline hard armored with cobble, providing for minimal wetland or riparian habitat.  Located on the edge of the Cache La Poudre River floodplain, the project was designed to enhance riparian, wetland, and diverse uplands for the benefit of wildlife.  Primary design elements include:  creation of shoreline and littoral zone complexity to improve wetland and riparian habitat diversity, bioengineering to minimize shoreline erosion, restoration of a biologically and structurally diverse riparian area, weed management strategy, upland revegetation, and wetland/riparian revegetation to meet nesting and forage requirements of waterfowl and other wildlife. Concept – 60% level designs included grading and access plans, erosion control BMPs, and landscaping. Regulatory compliance included USACE/404, City of Fort Collins Development Review, and CDPHE SWMP.


AloTerra Restoration