In the process of assessing current conditions, as well as evaluating project results, AloTerra brings more than 30 years of science, research and field experience to bear on all aspects of your project. From geomorphic assessments and rare plant surveys to ecological site characterizations and wildlife reviews, our team of staff is qualified to complete baseline assessments that influence multiple design details, and to monitor project results to inform adaptive management.


Stemming from a long history of industry monitoring standards, AloTerra continues to develop, tailor, and revise  site-specific and client-specific assessment protocols in order to provide the most useful data for our clients.

Often, this means evaluating the appropriateness of generalized regional protocols (e.g., Stream Visual Assessment Protocol, NRCS; Bank Erosion Hazard Index, line-point intercept; etc.), and adjusting them to meet site-specific needs, and adjusting as needed to meet local needs. Following the 2013 floods in the northern Colorado Front Range and the 2012 High Park Fire, AloTerra developed a River Resilience and Health Assessment and a Streambank Stability Assessment to efficiently meet local needs. Both of these protocols have been implemented by several local agencies and clients to evaluate dozens of projects. These assessments examine multiple factors influencing river and stream function (e.g., stream morphology, hydrology, bank angle and composition, multiple vegetation factors, etc.) to quantify the health of a particular stream reach and to prioritize stream reaches for restoration.


Vegetation & Plant Community Assessment

Stream Health/Resiliency Assessment

T & E Species Surveys

Wetland Delineations

Watershed Health Assessments

Wildlife Evaluations and Reporting

Stream Bank Stability Assessment

Gulley Stability Assessment

Restoration Prioritization Studies

Restoration Feasibility Studies

“The AloTerra staff worked very hard in difficult conditions, to get the job done, without losing sight of the important project details and quality work that help make a project successful.”

~ David Hirt, Boulder County Parks and Open Space, Client

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