AloTerra’s Agricultural Restoration Services

AloTerra staff have over 25 years of experience in ecological assessments, restoration design, and implementation of a wide range of prairie and meadow restoration treatments. This includes optimizing soil amendments and revegetation designs, soil surface protection, erosion control, revegetation strategies for highly disturbed landscapes, bioengineering, and more. Much of this experience has been accumulated through our experience in short-grass prairie and montane meadows, wetlands, floodplains, rangeland systems, post-mining landscapes, and a variety of forested and shrub-steppe ecosystems.


In support of restoring America’s agricultural landscapes, AloTerra offers the following services:

  • Prairie restoration, including design, revegetation, and maintenance.
  • Prairie river and floodplain restoration design and construction.
  • Biological assessments and regulatory compliance for restoration projects.
  • Conservation planning, master planning, and stakeholder engagement for prairie and agricultural restoration projects.
  • General consulting, design, and planning for prairie and agricultural restoration




AloTerra’s Current Agricultural Restoration Efforts


Arid Lands Agricultural Research in Colorado

Seed Mix Research:  Working in partnership with the City of Boulder, OSMP, AloTerra designed and implemented research plots in eastern Boulder County, testing three restorative agricultural seed mixes in a degraded and weed-infested abandoned agricultural field.  For more information, please email


Restoring Kochia-dominated Agricultural Fields:  Working closely with the Town of Erie, Colorado, AloTerra designed an integrated weed management and native plant restoration plan on 14 acres of abandoned agricultural fields along Coal Creek. The focus is on a mix of early- and mid-successional native grasses and forbs, following pre-revegetation weed management.


Pollinators and Solar Panels in Abandoned Ag Plots:  AloTerra designed a pollinator restoration project to be integrated with an 8-acre solar array at Denver International Airport.

AloTerra Restoration