Building on founder John Giordanengo’s 25-year career in Ecological Restoration, AloTerra opened its doors in 2014 to pursue excellence in restoration work that enhances ecological integrity, improves biological diversity, and addresses key ecosystem processes & functions in a way that exceeds client expectations.


By providing both design and construction services, as well as assessments and regulatory compliance, AloTerra is able to produce results that make as much sense on the ground as they do on paper, allowing our clients to move from conceptual restoration plants to ground breaking projects in an efficient manner.

Effective revegetation and bioengineering design and construction across a broad spectrum of native habitats are just a few of primary strengths. AloTerra also provides wetland mitigation design and construction, river/floodplain restoration design and construction, and a variety of natural resources services to a broad range of clients.  Throughout the design process, we leverage our staff’s deep and broad experience in the science and practice of ecological restoration with the knowledge of landscape architecture, engineering, hydrology, and other disciplines to provide lasting solutions in a variety of habitats and for a great range of public and private clients.


AloTerra’s staff have a combined 60+ years of cumulative experience, and is thankful to have served a wide range of clients:

  • Engineering & Construction Firms, including Five Smooth Stones Restoration, Crow Creek Construction, JR Engineering, TST Consulting Engineers, Prologis, Jeff Crane Associates, and many others.


  • Watershed Coalitions and other Non-profits, including the Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed, Big Thompson Watershed Coalition, Trout Unlimited, Fourmile Watershed Coalition, Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group, and others.


  • Local, State, & Federal Agencies, including Boulder County, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Colorado Water Conservation Board, and others.


Private Entities and Landowners, including Northern Water, private ranches, small and large acreage residential properties, and more.



AloTerra Restoration