We invite you to help us attain a Landmark goal:  Restore 10,000 impoverished acres of America’s heartland!

AloTerra pursues Agricultural Restoration not to destroy the outdated system, but to forge a new reality. By applying the best available knowledge in regenerative agriculture and similar methods, AloTerra brings our deep experience in ecological restoration to create the agricultural landscape of the future.  We invite you to join our capital campaign to convert 10,000 acres of monoculture corn to a network of diverse farmlands and economically thriving landscapes.  Partners can join this effort through restoration-based land leases, or through long-term restoration loans.  For more information, please contact info@aloterraservices.com/agriculture.

AloTerra’s Agricultural Restoration Services

AloTerra staff have over 25 years of experience in ecological assessments, restoration design, and implementation of a wide range of prairie and meadow restoration treatments. This includes optimizing soil amendments and revegetation designs, soil surface protection, erosion control, revegetation strategies for highly disturbed landscapes, bioengineering, and more. Much of this experience has been accumulated through our experience in short-grass prairie and montane meadows, wetlands, floodplains, rangeland systems, post-mining landscapes, and a variety of forested and shrub-steppe ecosystems.


In support of restoring America’s agricultural landscapes, AloTerra offers the following services:

  • Prairie restoration, including design, revegetation, and maintenance.
  • Prairie river and floodplain restoration design and construction.
  • Biological assessments and regulatory compliance for restoration projects.
  • Conservation planning, master planning, and stakeholder engagement for prairie and agricultural restoration projects.
  • General consulting, design, and planning for prairie and agricultural restoration



Current Efforts

Agricultural Restoration Demonstration Site – Eastern Plains of Colorado

AloTerra is pleased to be working with the Poudre Learning Center to develop a diverse agricultural restoration demonstration site in the arid plains of eastern Colorado. Dominated by impoverished soils, weeds, and a dry climate, this is one of the most challenging restoration projects we can envision.  To help support this project, or to learn more, please contact John AT aloterraservices.com.


Pre-Feasibility Study for Agricultural Restoration in the Midwest

In pursuit of our 10,000-acre agricultural restoration goal, AloTerra has embarked on a pre-feasibility study. Phase one of this study is a seven-state analysis (Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Minnesota) to identify sites with the greatest ecological, agricultural, and economic restoration potential. With the optimal set of conditions identified, phase two will be the creation of an agricultural restoration master plan.

Following release of the master plan—anticipated in Spring 2022—additional investments will be sought for the initial restoration efforts. AloTerra has already secured US $100,000 for phase one and two. Our goal is to raise US $1.5 million by the end of 2023, to begin restoring the initial 300 acres. This initial property will serve as a working research and a market-based restoration farm in the heartland of America. To learn more, or to help support this effort, please contact John at aloterraservices.com.


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