FEATURED PROJECT: Hunter’s Overlook Shoreline & Fisheries Restoration
Hunter’s Overlook is a 40-acre reservoir constructed in the Summer of 2018 near Windsor, Colorado.

AloTerra provided designs for shoreline protection, grading of the reservoirs littoral zone and riparian area, riparian and wetland area revegetation design, aeration, and fisheries improvements. AloTerra staff also designed the forebay grading plan to provide biological filtering (i.e., wetland bioswale) for sediment laden ditch water entering the reservoir. Design elements also addressed aesthetic considerations such as islands and structural vegetation to hide riprap shorelines, bioengineering principles (e.g., biologs, and appropriate bank grading & revegetation to reduce wave erosion), and shoreline complexity to improve fisheries and reduce wind-induced bank erosion. Using our “hydrosere” design approach we were able to create seven unique plant communities for this project site. Other design elements included waterfowl habitat features, lake bottom fish structures, and a 16-pod aeriation system to improve aeriation and water quality. The design also provided for improved lake circulation, optimized depths and shelf access, and strategic ice-free zones for winter.

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