Every ecological restoration project merits its own unique outcome.

We prioritize locally adapted native (“ecotypic”) plant species, which better integrate our work into the landscape and reduce/eliminate need for additional input (chemicals, water) over the long term. Keeping this goal in mind, our designs create or re-establish highly functioning ecological conditions, with the end results being long-term ecosystem viability and client satisfaction.

The AloTerra team is not only passionate and steeped in real-world experience, our designs draw from best practices in geological, hydrological, vegetation and soil restoration science as well as in-depth understanding of field construction and materials. We also foster positive, efficient collaboration with the many partners often called in when natural disaster happens–municipalities, private landowners and other professionals — for optimum results every time.


Long-Term Design Solutions

Wetland Restoration and Mitigation


Post-Fire and Flood Restoration

Revegetation and Habitat Restoration Design

Regulatory and Permitting

Landscape Level Planning

Our designs evolve from everyday experience in practical solutions.

Projects & Collaborations