ASSESS: The word sounds so simple. What it means is, before a stone is turned and after every stone has been put back in place, AloTerra is there.

At the front end and back end, we bring more than 30 years of science, research and field experience to evaluating all aspects of your project. From hydraulic and geomorphic to biological data, our staff is qualified to complete pre-project ecological assessments and appropriately monitor a project after it is finished.

AloTerra has also developed our own assessment protocols that come from years of learning what data is important and most useful to our clients.


Vegetation & Plant Community assessment 

Stream Health/Resiliency assessment

T & E Species surveys

Wetland Delineations

Watershed Health assessments

Wildlife Surveys (Section 7 & MBTA)

Stream Bank stability assessment

Gulley Stability assessment

Site and Project Priorities evaluation

Feasibility studies