Physical operations of ecological restoration involve the most polar of extremes. Great big machinery and little tiny plants. You get the picture.


Managing the vastly different scales and levels of detail is what AloTerra does best, and we execute everything with care and appropriate attention. Channel realignment and road obliteration, bioengineering and fencing, joint plantings, soil amendments and seeding all fall under our wheelhouse. Our management structure includes a Principal Restoration Ecologist, Restoration Project Supervisor, and a Foreman who provides daily oversight for hand crews and equipment operators. Quality assurance/quality control tracking is completed daily, with all documentation and tagging provided to our clients at project close-out.



Floodplain and Stream Restoration


Wetland Restoration and Mitigation

Habitat Restoration

Forest Thinning

Erosion Control

Road Obliteration

Invasive Species Management

Project Maintenance

Fence Construction/Site Protection

Plant Materials Harvest and Installation 

Construction Oversight


Approach is science based, quality for long-term success

Projects & Collaborations