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John Giordanengo has designed and managed more than 150 restoration-related projects in Colorado and Wyoming, providing a level of practical experience that complements his academic career and research interests. AloTerra’s restoration services include upland revegetation, riparian and wetland restoration, river restoration, erosion control, alpine restoration, road obliteration, post-fire emergency watershed protection,  and utility line restoration.

Providing service to local, state, and federal agencies, AloTerra and our partners have completed dozens of vegetation surveys to document restoration results, evaluate riparian and wetland conditions, survey rare plant populations, and collect data for restoration research. AloTerra can provide rare, threatened, and endangered species surveys for all applications.
Experience documenting and reporting rare plants includes: Physaria sppsurveys in the Piceance Basin of Colorado; botanical surveys on USFS lands (Corralorhiza wisteriana, Botrychium spp., Pyrola picta, Petasites sagittatus, Eriophorum gracile, Cypripedium fasciculatum, Aquilegia saximontana, Saussurea weberiDraba spp.); and monitoring populations of Spiranthes diluvialis, Physaria bellii, and Eustoma grandiflorum for the City of Boulder. John also developed a rare plant list for Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks, compiled from personal surveys, NEPA documents, CNHP surveys, and other agency reports.  

Volunteer recruitment is straightforward. But engaging volunteers to accomplish high quality restoration services requires a unique skillset. Having managed and implemented over 145 successful volunteer projects over 17 years, John has become one of Colorado's top volunteer organizers. His ability to engage volunteers in a rewarding, safe, organized, and professional manner is exemplary. His experience includes work with teams through Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV) and the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative. John has also contributed to the development of restoration curricula for the Outdoor Stewardship Institute, National Park Service and WRV, and has ten years’ experience as an instructor for ecological restoration trainings.