Our Team

John Giordanengo, CERP
M.S. Rangeland Ecology (Restoration Ecology Focus, Colorado State University)
Principal Restoration Ecologist

John’s drive to improve the practice of ecological restoration grew out of a deep passion for conserving natural resources. Since 1996, John has provided restoration services to a diverse range of city, county, state, federal, and private land management clients and partners. His spirit of service and desire to achieve the best possible results produces quality projects. Coupled with his 20 years of experience in Ecological Restoration, John’s skill in project management and his wide-ranging partnerships provide AloTerra clients with great value.

Drawing on a natural talent, John is a highly effective partnership builder. His ability to bridge diverse public-private interests to accomplish meaningful restoration across land management boundaries is highlighted by the success of the High Park Restoration Coalition, the Big Thompson River Restoration Coalition, and the Southern Rockies Seed Network. John’s significant project management experience includes his work with AloTerraWildlands Restoration VolunteersCity of Boulder Open Space and Mountain ParksBlue Mountain Environmental Consulting, and The Colorado Fourteeners Initiative
Matthew Bossler, P.L.A.
Landscape Architect and Restoration Ecologist

Matthew has been professionally involved in resource management and landscape restoration projects on public lands of the arid and semi-arid U.S. for the past 10 years. Emphasizing integrated stormwater management, low-impact development, and multi-use open space planning, Matthew brings a skill set that translates the science of natural processes to the planning, design and management of both the backcountry and developed landscapes. Previous clients include BLM, NPS, USFS, Pima County Regional Flood Control District (AZ), and cities and towns across the western U.S.  As a botanist, Matthew has conducted numerous plant and erosion stabilization surveys, fire ecology studies, and vegetation management projects for public and corporate clients in AZ, NM, and WY. Matthew’s planning and design skills complement the rigorous scientific and engineering foundations of AloTerra’s staff. These skills include technical policy and permitting documentation (multi-resource NEPA plans, drainage criteria, BMP guidelines, zoning code amendments), master planning (site analysis, design programming, conceptual design), construction documentation (grading and planting plans; section and detail drawings; specifications), and construction administration. Matthew takes pride in building consensus for interdisciplinary restoration and resource management projects among stakeholders with various social, environmental, and economic concerns; planning and designing these projects through clear written, verbal, and graphic communications; and overseeing their successful execution in the field.


Sam Block, B.S.
Project Supervisor and Permitting/Regulatory Specialist

Sam’s determined passion for contributing to the field of ecological restoration stems from her love for the outdoors and strong natural resource ethics. For the past three years Sam has been working in natural resources. She has been involved in post-fire research with the Rocky Mountain Research Station in Fort Collins following the High Park and Hayman Fires along the Colorado Front Range. She assisted with research including stream water quality, soil chemistry, and upland vegetation and erosion related studies. Throughout her work experiences Sam has become very familiar with the common natural resource issues occurring along the Front Range including the effects of the recent wildfires and floods. Her skills include volunteer crew management, GIS analysis, permitting/regulatory documentation, and conducting field surveys of hydrological systems, upland soils, and native plant communities in disturbed ecosystems across Colorado. Sam earned her Bachelors of Science in Natural Resources Management with minors in Watershed Science, Ecological Restoration, and Global Environmental Sustainability from Colorado State University. As a professional Sam is committed to helping find realistic land management solutions to the complex natural resource issues that face our community.


Jon Plybon, M.N.R.S.
Project Supervisor and Ecological/Biological Assessment Lead

Growing up in Colorado, Jon often found himself in the woods where exploration fostered an environmental ethic. The more he experienced nature, the more he understood the impact that humans have on natural systems, which guided him towards an education to understand the processes of degradation and restoration. Jon completed an undergraduate degree in sustainability from Colorado Mountain College and recently received his Masters of Natural Resources Stewardship with a specialization in Ecological Restoration from Colorado State University. Within AloTerra, Jon uses his wide skill set to manage ecological and biological surveys and assessments and to supervise diverse restoration projects.


Peter Helmuth, B.S.
Project Foreman
Peter graduated from CSU with a Bachelor’s of Science in Natural Resource Management and Minor in Rangeland Ecology in 2011. Since 2011 Peter volunteered in South Africa to study wildlife and habitat conservation. This transformational experience set Peter on a course to help people and wildlife coexist in their respective environments, primarily through restoration of degraded landscapes. He worked for 3 years with an environmental non-profit in Loveland Colorado, as the Natural Areas Technician, building a great variety of equipment, weed management, and revegetation skills. His work centered around storm water and open space management with a focus on restoring nature in the urban environment. As a Certified Herbicide Applicator in the state of Colorado, Peter has worked closely with a broad range of invasive species. Through both mechanical (tractor implementation, mowing practices, etc.) and responsible chemical applications, Peter worked to rid vast areas of invasive species during the establishment of desired native species. Through his work he has gained experience in practical solutions to unforeseen challenges in the field via application of best management practices that benefit both the environment and the stakeholders. Peter’s work with AloTerra includes every aspect of revegetation and bank stabilization, crew management, equipment operation, weed management, and project monitoring. 

Strategic Partners

Every project is unique, requiring a well crafted team capable of meeting project-specific conditions. AloTerra's most recent partners, and many others, provide a team tailored to your needs:

Julie Ash and Luke Swan
Senior Water Resource Engineer
Bill Spitz
Olsson Associates
Steve Johnson
Owner, Wetland Ecologist
NRSI Services
Randy Mandel
Senior Restoration Ecologist
Golder Associates
David Bidelspach
Five Smooth Stones River Restoration
Phil Hendricks
Landscape Architects
Robert Peccia and Associates
Jeremy Sueltenfuss
Wetland Ecologist, CSU
Colorado Natural Heritage Program 
Brad Piehl
Watershed assessments and management
JW Associates
Matt Tobler
Owner, Ecologist
Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting
Wildlands Restoration Volunteers