About Us

Grown from a passion for ecological restoration, the AloTerra team provides a broad range of planning, design and implementation services from the plains to the peaks.  With a long track record for quality ecological restoration services, we provide our clients and partners with the confidence that their needs will be met in a professional manner.  
Embracing the notion that ecological restoration is not the result of applying a set of treatments and walking away, AloTerra is committed to long-term solutions to your restoration needs.
AloTerra crafts our strategic partnerships with professionalism and diversity of expertise in mind, providing a full spectrum of restoration consultation and services to bring restoration visions to reality. Through the management of diverse partnerships, AloTerra provides clients with access to not only engineers, scientists and planners, but in some cases, even a workforce of community volunteers. 


Our Mission: To create ecological restoration solutions necessary for the maintenance of biologically diverse and naturally functioning landscapes.