In the years 2012 and 2013, the foothills of Colorado saw two very significant ecological events — catastrophic wildfires in 2012, followed by "biblical" rains and flooding in autumn 2013...

Seaman Reservoir, a water source for the City of Greeley that sits northwest of Fort Collins, CO, had a history of sediment loading issues made much, much worse by these events and subsequent erosion in the watersheds. Massive amounts of sediment were deposited in the already overwhelmed reservoir, mostly through. Seaman Gulch, a 3.5 mile tributary on the north fork of the Cache La Poudre River. Aloterra was hired to stabilize large portions of the shoreline and delta region to the reservoir. We provided short-term solutions to arrest the incoming sediment, as well as long-term structural and vegetation planning to make all fixes viable and effective going forward in the long term.

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