In the years 2012 and 2013, the foothills of Colorado experienced catastrophic wildfires followed by torrential flooding. AloTerra has been actively engaged in the recovery process, bringing ecological solutions to our watersheds and rivers to improve resilience, ecological function, and improved wildlife habitat.

Seaman Reservoir, an integral water source for the City of Greeley in the Cache La Poudre River watershed, suffered considerably following the 2012-2013 federal disasters. Thousands of tons of sediment were deposited in the reservoir through debris flows and increased bank erosion. Seaman Gulch, a 3.5 square mile tributary to the reservoir, was the most significant source of sediment. AloTerra provided concept design, construction ready documents, and construction services to apply bioengineering and revegetation on a delta scale. Treatments included in-stream stability, delta lip stabilization, floodplain roughness, floodplain connectivity, biologs, fascines, post vanes, media lunas, and strategic revegetation. As the delta is composed primarily of sand and gravel, this project has been highly challenging. We address such challenges by combining long- and short-term design solution, and by reviewing such risks with the client thoroughly during the design process.

Professional Restoration Crew Available To Make Your Project a Success — By Offering Both Earth Moving and Revegetation Services, AloTerra is Uniquely Positioned to Bring the Greatest Ecological Value for Your Budget.

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